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Paul Mort Talks Sh*t

Oct 15, 2020

Here we have the new spin off of Paul Mort Talks Sh*t... Bullsh*t In The Bullet

As a modern day businessman and newly titled, world-class podcaster, Paul does a lot of travelling up and down the UK in the famous "blue bullet" where many tales have been told, created and revisted among the years...

On today's episode talked about >>

  • What it's like to be at ROCK BOTTOM
  • Why MOST people are unhappy and depressed (it's not what you think)
  • The PANDEMIC of the "purposeless" man
  • How we've seen a rise in YOUNG MEN committed suicide
  • The difference between depression in men UNDER 30 and OVER 30
  • Paul's #1 tip for getting started on YOUR journey

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