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Paul Mort Talks Sh*t

Dec 12, 2022

In this episode, join Paul Mort & Lesley Mort. Lesley joins Paul to talk about all things from how Lesley joined the business, The first changes which she implemented into the business & her future goals.

This podcast has Lesley tells us some of the biggest business mistakes people are making RIGHT NOW, how to overcome them & her future travel plans WITHOUT Paul!

Who the f*ck Is Paul Mort?

Current UK Master Coach of the Year, World-Class Coach & International speaker I consider myself a straight talking, high performing leader of Business men.

Formerly suicidal, experiencing overwhelm on a daily basis and emotionally attached to my diagnosis - Bi-Polar. I stood on the edge of a cliff in my hometown of South Shields, ready to end it all Lesley (my wife) stood infant of me and asked ONE pivotal question…