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Paul Mort Talks Sh*t

Dec 24, 2020

Join Paul Mort and BAFTA-winning writer, filmmaker, teacher and a martial artist - Geoff Thompson. 

Here's what we covered >> 


  • How Geoff had a deep fear of confrontation and how he dealt with this. 
  • Geoffs story of going from a factory worker and violent doorman to a screenwriter and author of over 50 books. 
  • Geoff...

Dec 17, 2020

Join Paul Mort and Founder of European Boxing Federation, Manager of Tyson Fury and Goldstar Productions - James Ward

Here's what we covered >> 

  • How EBF came about from seeing a gap in the market between amateur and professional fighters
  • What mindset James has towards handling intense stress on a daily basis
  • Lessons...

Dec 14, 2020

Join Paul Mort and Motivational Speaker, Wheelchair Adventurer Mr Shaun Gash 

Here's what we covered >> 

  • How him and Tyson Fury met and why they've created such a strong FRIENDSHIP
  • The stories and lessons Shaun learnt from loosing ALL CONTROL of his body from the mid-back down
  • What was going through his head when he...

Dec 4, 2020

Join Paul Mort on this VERY unique episode with 9 year old son Max & 7 year old Nina

Here's what we covered >> 

  • What could DADS do to be better dads?
  • Their favourite parts of LOCKDOWN
  • What would their DREAM job be when they grow up?
  • Their best experience as a FAMILY and why

and much, much more... 

For show notes,...

Nov 24, 2020

Join Paul Mort and Former Special Forces SAS, 2 x Everest Summiteer and Author - Jay Morton

Here's what we covered >> 

  • What Jay does every morning to keep his mind and body in-check
  • Lesson and stories (that he's allowed to share) from 10 years serving in the SAS
  • How he uses FEAR as fuel to tackle each and every day...